Rather than providing a "one-size fits all" approach to work with individuals and teams, we specialize in listening for cares, concerns and commitments in order to support clients with the breakdowns that are natural in building a bold career, participating in high performing teams, and in designing a meaningful life.

We Offer:

Executive Coaching

We specialize in developing leadership presence, enhancing communication, pointing out unexamined beliefs and story-busting.  We focus on choice recognition and designing a good life.  We help clients "get unstuck" and move through transitions with authenticity and grace.

Leadership Development

We focus on building capacity for emerging and newly placed leaders.  We recognize that company growth and individual promotions often require new skill sets, conversations and ways of thinking.  Programs are customized for both corporate and non-profit clients.

HR Consulting

We leverage years of experience in organizational development and human resources to assess talent, systems, and processes, providing recommendations with the goal of growing confidence with internal people decisions.

Team Facilitation

We work with executive teams, non-profit boards and community leaders to create the environment and provide the context for meaningful conversations to generate the future they want.